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Our designs are as daring and unique as you and your beloved pooch. From eye-catching taglines to vibrant colors, we strive to create products that make a statement. And yes, every piece is organic.

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We know how utterly irresistible dogs can be - their fluffiness, cuteness, and unwavering love are unmatched.

That's why we've created something truly special: bold, cozy, and extraordinary.

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  • How it started...

    Since 2018, we've ventured through the streets of Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, capturing photos and stories of dogs from all walks of life. Our belief is simple: all dogs are cool. That's why we made it our mission to showcase the undeniable charm of every furry friend we encounter.

  • How it's going...

    Join our community of thousands of passionate dog lovers as we come together to share not just captivating photos but also a special collection of merchandise. Now you can proudly display your love for dogs to the entire world!

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