Who are we?

When a girl passionate about dogs photography meets another girl passionate about clothes, amazing things happen. And yes, we both are just crazy about dogs.

In 2018, Dogs of Vilnius began as a photography project, but it has grown into something much more profound - a community of thousands of responsible and loving dog owners. And we proudly represent them.

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What do we believe in?

We believe that all dogs are cool, regardless of their size, age, or breed.

We also believe that every dog deserves happiness and care. Our goal is to bring together a community of dog lovers and spread our love for dogs to the entire world!

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  • Thousands across social media

    Is your dog featured on Dogs of Vilnius? There is a saying, that it's a true honour to have your dog's picture on DOV. If you want some pawsome dog content - you must follow us!

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  • Dog shelters all around Lithuania

    We collaborate with numerous pet shelters, providing them with high-quality photos, donations, and helping to raise awareness about animals in need.

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